A.M. MOTORS: A Legacy of Excellence and Empathy

A.M. MOTORS, a name synonymous with Maruti Suzuki in Kerala, boasts a remarkable journey that began in 2000. From its inception as an authorized dealership, A.M. MOTORS has grown into a powerhouse with a presence across 6 districts.

Their success story isn't just about numbers. A.M. MOTORS prioritizes customer satisfaction, evident in their national recognition for the lowest customer complaints. This commitment extends beyond sales; their TRUE VALUE division facilitates used car exchange and sales of Maruti-certified pre-owned vehicles, offering a holistic car ownership experience.

Innovation is a cornerstone of A.M. MOTORS' philosophy. They hold a Limca Book of Records title for delivering a staggering 205 Alto 800 cars in a single day, just after its launch. This feat, achieved through ingenious marketing strategies, exemplifies their drive to push boundaries.

Their innovative spirit has been rewarded with multiple national awards from Maruti Suzuki, including the coveted All-India Award for highest sales. This recognition stands as a testament to their exceptional performance and dedication to the brand.

At A.M. MOTORS, a customer-centric approach reigns supreme. Their unwavering commitment has earned them the distinction of being a ROYAL PLATINUM Maruti dealer for 15 consecutive years and a Nexa Alpha band dealer for 9 years in a row. These prestigious titles are a direct reflection of the trust and loyalty they have built with their customers.

However, A.M. MOTORS' success story extends far beyond sales figures and awards. They foster a company culture built on teamwork. Their leadership comprises experienced visionaries with a proven track record, ensuring the company stays ahead of the curve and adapts to the ever-evolving automotive landscape.

A.M. MOTORS recognizes the importance of employee well-being. As part of their ambitious Vision 2030, they have embarked on an initiative to construct houses for deserving employees. This unique program highlights their commitment to their workforce, fostering a sense of belonging and security.

A.M. MOTORS is more than just a car dealership; it's a family. They prioritize customer satisfaction, employee well-being, and continuous innovation.

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At A.M. MOTORS® , a sale is not something we pursue. It is something that happens to us when we are immersed in serving our customers. We believe that there are no results inside our walls. The result of our business is a delighted customer. While product or price advantage can be easily duplicated, a strong customer service culture cannot be copied. Each and every one of our customer is our brand ambassador. We intend to achieve this by exceeding their expectation, always


At A.M. MOTORS® , we have set the benchmark in automobile sales and service underpinned by first class service standards. And the result is; A.M. MOTORS® is the No.1 Maruti Suzuki Dealer in India and the most preferred and trusted Maruti dealer.

Mr. Nihas K.M.


Mr. Nihas K.M.

Mr. Nihas KM is a Civil Engineer by education and an entrepreneur by choice. Known for his passion for the business, he plunged headlong into it at a very young age and propelled A.M. MOTORS® to the position of pride it is in today. He is the winner of Young Entrepreneur Award from Maruti Suzuki

Mr. A Mohammed Iqbal

Managing Partner

Mr. A Mohammed Iqbal

Mr. A Mohammed Iqbal is an alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University and has wide experience in automobile industry. He facilitated the foray of Maruti Suzuki into Malappuram district through establishing A.M. MOTORS® in the year 2000.

Mr. K. Rajendran

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. K. Rajendran

Mr. K Rajendran served the aviation arm of the Indian Navy for over 17 years. He is an Associate Member Aeronautical Society of India (AMAeSI). He chose to pursue a career in sales after his tenure with Navy. Joined A.M. MOTORS® in the year 2006 went on to establish himself as a well known figure in the industry.


Chandrasekharan M P


I got a wonderful treatment from NEXA AM Motors, Malappuram since I was looking for a Baleno car.The Chief General Manager of AM Motors send me a very dynamic and nice Relationship Manager Mr. Babith for getting me details of different models of Maruthi NEXA. The discussions were very interesting and informative. Finally we selected Baleno. As there was some news about releasing of Baleno Alfa with CVT I had booked for this car even though the delivery date is not certain. Along with Alpha I had booked one Zeta CVT also.Surprisingly I got allotted with the first Baleno Alfa CVT at this region within 3 weeks.The delivery of the car was organised in a very decent manner with flowers, chocolates, cake etc.Pick up from my residence to Nexa showroom & back was also organised by the Relationship Manager.Overall my experiences with Nexa AM Motors and the staff especially the Relationship manager were excellent.I had recommended this car from the same Nexa showroom for my brother and few of my friends. My brother had already booked for one Baleno Alfa CVT, others are on the discussion and waiting for their final selection.
Plus points of the show room.
- General appearance and up keeping of the show room and associated area are very good
- Nice location, away from crowded town.
- General attitude of all employees are fine. Even on a Sunday when I stepped into the Nexa showroom on my way to Malappuram, one of the Relationship managers Mr. Hashim, took time to show & explain me the internals of Baleno car to clarify my doubts.

Shibumon sukumaran


Nice and gorgeous showroom. We bought ignis from malapuram nexa and customization was so good. Relationship manager is so resourceful and also all other staff members were so friendly with us.

Jasir Vk


I got my Baleno. Delivered from here. The relationship manager was resourceful and able to sort out all my queries. Overall it was an excellent experiences.



I had purchased a S-cross, Delta from your NEXA at Malappuram and vehicle was delivered on last Saturday. I am very much impressed by the support provided by your staff especially Mr. Shanto who was the relationship manager.
I was very much impressed by the swiftness with which all the work went (infact it took just three days for exchange and purchase of a new vehicle). Mr Shanto personally took all care for getting the loan, exchange and finally he drew me & family from home to the showroom and delivered the vehicle.
Once again I thank everyone again for the support.

Geo Gopuran


Here with expressing our great happiness and gratitude on receiving our Baleno CVT Delta .....!!!
When the happiness had came, and there is no other matters even any single minus behind those happiness... With reference to the words of Mr. Mansoor, '' Our ultimate aim customer delights'', appreciated ..we are delighted with your esteem services.
I am and my family Thanking you, entire AM Motors Nexa and team , especially Mr. Muhammed Mansoor, who stand with with me from the beginning to complete my dream come true and Mr. Jithesh who supported with great effort. and you peoples being more to us than business relationship.
Mr. Mansoor, words not enough to me to express my thanks to you for home delivery and support with understand my situation and more the event you peoples arranged at my home as a delivery ceremony and that went Awesome style like NEXA theme color delivery 😀😀
Once again many thanks from our heart....

Ajeesh Kc


My purchase experience from NEXA malappuram was marvellous. I booked IGNIS Delta 1.2 petrol.My relationship manager was Mr. Anand MP.He was very friendly and had sound knowledge about the vehicle.As I am an employee I couldn't come to showroom for discussion due to lack of LEAVE. Most of our discussion were through phone and he managed it all very well.At the time of test drive he was undergoing a training program though he arranged it for me on a holiday.It helped me a lot.Also i got great support from the accessory wing, finance wing at the time of hypothecation. The delivery on 06-10-2017 was a memorable one.Overall it was a very good experience with the team NEXA.



Dear Friends
I am writing this with a full heart and putting it across whatever that's coming to my mind right now. 
Believe me, if not for this changes and the revamped launch I would have opted out of my favourite Maruti and tried my luck elsewhere. Having been with this brand ever since I started driving, somewhere I wished I get a car I want from Maruti itself and here it was. With the new S cross, I continue to be happier as I drive every day almost 65 kilometres which I have been doing for almost 12 years now. Mark my words this car is a value for money and will be a game changer and I must say one car which you can blindly sell with all customer satisfaction guaranteed. 
This may sound a bit superfluous but I think I need to write it down before the day gets heated up. I am one person who makes it a point that I tell when things are good and at the same time convey if there are any correctable errors too. Not just in business. 
You guys simply pampered us with your fantastic hospitality. I remember everything went perfectly well, transparent and in order the time right from when I first enquired to Mr. Babith and subsequently booked the car with Shiljith and Team until the moment I drove it home yesterday. everything was superlatively good.  Babith though I missed you at the time of taking delivery though.
The team is very good and you have a very good administerial strength. I don't have to elaborate how and what because it is evident in your offices wherever and whenever I interacted even the Am Perinthalmanna people who are my first on call for service henceforth like before. I sincerely wish all of you a great day at work, a wonderful weekend and at the same time wish you higher success in your business and needless to say customer satisfaction initiatives.And last but not the least, I was happy that my Old buddy Dzire was also well honoured by your True value fellow Adeep Zaman